Inline defect detection for high-quality production.

Our solutions bring unparalleled defect detection capabilities to production lines in film extrusion, pulp & paper, and injection moulding – enabling quality control like never before.

Highly customizable for many applications, IVA technologies complement further SBI Mechatronik solutions as well as third-party installations. 

A key element in the SBI Mechatronik range of quality assurance solutions

At SBI Mechatronik, our goal is to enable highest quality standards. Complementing our thickness control solutions, our portfolio now includes IVA defect detection technology.

With a track record of almost 30 years at the forefront of machine vision technology, IVA Systems was acquired and integrated into SBI Mechatronik in 2022.

IVA defect detection solutions are now offered as a part of our comprehensive range of quality assurance products. SBI Mechatronik is headquartered in Hollabrunn, Austria.

by SBI Mechatronik

Production facilities and experienced engineering team based in Hollabrunn, Austria.

Focus Areas

Film Extrusion

Visual defect detection for film extrusion for a wide range of sectors – from technical to pharmaceutical and alimentary applications.

Pulp and Paper

Visual defect detection for pulp and paper production at the highest level.

Injection Moulding

Area inspection for inline defect detection in injection moulding applications.

Our expertise
for your ROI

Our products serve a sole purpose: we work to improve production quality and ultimately, your ROI.

Industries we serve

Extrusion machine producers

Premium inline machine vision technology for extrusion machine producers. Integrate visual defect detection right from the start.

Production service providers

Integrate our solutions into existing lines to comply with the highest quality control standards and certifications.


Control and document extrusion material quality in packaging applications for the most demanding customers.

Supplier to
Premium Producers

We are a trusted supplier to all major German and Austrian producers of plastic extrusion machinery.

Meet our Team


IVA machine vision solutions are handled by the experienced team behind SBI Mechatronik, along with the original development team in Belgium.

This way we can offer you the highest expertise in customized development and manufacturing as well as in service and support.

20+ Years of

IVA machine vision products have proven their effectiveness in hundreds of installations in the past 27 years.