Web Inspection - WIS1000

Detect and classify defects in foil and web produced materials

Our WIS1000-system detects and classifies low contrast defects in plastics, paper, film, foil, non-woven materials, and many other substrates. It provides a high-speed, total quality solution for most web produced materials.

Highly customizable and flexible, it is available for a wide range of applications and configurations. From technical materials to sensitive pharmaceutical applications, it takes defect detection to new levels.

Food Packaging

Technical Products

Medical Materials

Hygiene Products

For all Defect Types

The system detects defects of all types: gels, holes, bubbles, contaminants, stains, coating inconsistencies, streaks – each type of defect can be categorised and distinguished.

These defects are automatically classified by type and size. New defect categories can be defined and learned by the system in an easy workflow.

Gel Defects

Gel defects can occur in extruded plastic film materials.

Fiber Defects

Fiber defects can occur in plastic webs and paper & pulp applications.

Insect Defects

Insect defects can occur in paper & pulp applications.

Multiple Defects

The system distinguishes multiple defect types simultaneously at high speeds.

HMI & Software

Your visual interface and control center

Ease of use, functionality and productivity are at the center of our HMI. The interface is modular and freely configurable to best suit your requirements.

Monitor defects in realtime, classify and analyse defect distribution trends, and obtain structured reports! An intuitive system that makes defects visible.

Controlled via a resistive touch panel or Panel PC, the high-performance system runs on an Intel i7 Quad Core CPU.

Realtime Display

For realtime control, several parameters can be monitored, including:

  • running map and live images
  • histogram
  • defect density alarms

 and  many more!

Reports & Analysis

Shows you all defects of an entire roll, including important data like defect types, size, density.

  • roll summaries
  • classification and analysis
  • production campaign reports

Defect Definition

Easily define new defect categories – simple handling, fast machine learning and short training time for a fast and consequent defect classification.

Product Characteristics

← 10mm to 10m →

the system handles web widths from 10mm up to 10 meters

sensitivity ≥ 5 μm

the high-resolution camera system detects defects as small as 5 micron

1000m / min

ultra high efficiency at speeds up to 1000 meters per minute


Flexible Installations for your Requirements

Advanced CMOS and TDI line scan cameras capture high resolution images of the moving web.

WIS1000 uses our proprietary and highly configurable VHO lighting system.

Cameras and lightsources are mounted at specific angles to maximise the contrast of possible defects in the material.

High-Resolution Cameras

Line scanning offers unlimited pixels in the direction of a web’s motion with zero smear even at high speeds.

  • 8192 pixels resolution width per camera
  • up to 16 cameras side-by-side
  • max. scanning rate of 90kHz
  • high responsitivity

Proprietary VHO lighting system

Configurable to allow for the odeal lighting set-up for each individual  installation and its requirements.

  • high intensity
  • high uniformity
  • low power – high efficiency: 220 Lumen/Watt


Installation and set-up can be carried out in as little as 2 days

8192p resolution
per Camera

High-resloution CMOS and TDI line scan cameras with high responsivity

Up to 16 Cameras

Mount up to 16 camers side-by-side for high resloution even in wide lines

Proprietary VHO
Lighting System

Flexible lighting system to permits the ideal set-up for every installation

WIS1000 Web Inspection in Action

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Technical Specifications

web width

10mm to 10m

web speed

up to 1000m/min

min. defect size

5 micron

lane structure

max. 2048 lanes

camera standard resolution

8192 px/camera

camera scan speed

max. 90kHz

power efficiency

220 Lumen/Watt

incremental encoder

10.000 pulses/m

data rate

up to 3Gbit/s (90.000 scans/sec)

Please download the PDF data sheet for detailed technical specifications! 

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